I’m in a slump. It might be obvious I haven’t posted on here in almost two weeks. I’ve settled in to a pattern. Granted it’s a pattern of not doing much. I go to work and do what I need to do. I go home and sleep, eat, occasionally read or watch Netflix. On days I don’t work I go grocery shopping and on Fridays to a museum. The library has become almost a twice a week trip not to get more books I just like being there.

It is all a lot of the same thing again and again. I don’t post on social media it’s just a lot of scrolling through the noise. Books are taking me longer to read, which for me is saying a lot because long used to mean extra hours now it means extra days. I’m not doing extra work for classes or lobbying to get more responsibility at my internship.

Everything is even and level. I have a schedule for everything. Nothing is technically wrong. I’m just getting bored. Its weird at the beginning of the summer I wanted things to settle down and now I can’t wait to shake things up.


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