Recovering from Elections

So last  week was the mid-term elections. Hence why I was too busy to post until then and now why I am still recovering almost two weeks after.

I started working on this election cycle in the second week of January. I went with candidates down to our capitol to register. It was months and months of voter contact and position papers and questionnaires for endorsements. There were weeks at a time where I would be attending some sort of political or community event daily.

This stopped for maybe six weeks during my trip to Alaska and re-positioning in our county campaign hierarchy. Then I was hired by an outside organization for the month leading up to work on the races that needed the most help, especially the sheriff’s race.

In the month leading up to the campaign there was door-knocking or phone banking or begging others to volunteer. Hours on hours a day.

Then it was over, and the results were not in a word great. I felt let down, defeated. I spent 11 months working on these races for them not to go as expected.

The positives: turnout in my county was a record high, more people ran than ever before,  and three seats in the county were flipped to more progressive (none that I worked on) , good did come but…

It’s months of adrenaline and work that just ends. It’s not harder or easier or any work to after, just sitting in it.

Wish me luck.