Monthly Recommendations: Auto-Read Authors

This month’s category is Auto-Read or Auto-buy authors. I don’t buy myself a lot of books I typically wait until the holidays, but these are some the authors I always ask for or pick up when I see at the library.

Tamora Pierce: One of my favorite authors and I am only half way through all her work.  I try and pick one up every time there is one I haven’t read at the library. She always writes such compelling characters and all of my favorite book boyfriends.

Ellen Hopkins: Poetry. Heart-wrenching. Quick. It’s such one of a kind books that I can’t help but pick it up.

Rick Riordan: I feel like this is an obvious one that’s going to show up on a lot of recommendations. His books are so immersive and accessible to all age groups. When looking for a really fun read or I want to learn something about mythology I always try to find one of his books.

Anne McCaffery: One word: Dragons. I love Pern and every McCaffery book I’ve read. It is growing hard to find one I haven’t read in libraries but when I can I read it.

Soman Chainani: So this is the newest author to me, I’ve only recent read his only published Trilogy: The School for Good and Evil. It blew me away I devoured the entire trilogy in under a week. I already have a hold at the library for his book coming out this fall and I know I’m going to be reading whatever else he publishes.




I’m in a slump. It might be obvious I haven’t posted on here in almost two weeks. I’ve settled in to a pattern. Granted it’s a pattern of not doing much. I go to work and do what I need to do. I go home and sleep, eat, occasionally read or watch Netflix. On days I don’t work I go grocery shopping and on Fridays to a museum. The library has become almost a twice a week trip not to get more books I just like being there.

It is all a lot of the same thing again and again. I don’t post on social media it’s just a lot of scrolling through the noise. Books are taking me longer to read, which for me is saying a lot because long used to mean extra hours now it means extra days. I’m not doing extra work for classes or lobbying to get more responsibility at my internship.

Everything is even and level. I have a schedule for everything. Nothing is technically wrong. I’m just getting bored. Its weird at the beginning of the summer I wanted things to settle down and now I can’t wait to shake things up.

Reading Away From Home

So I love to read. I don’t really know about anyone else but for me a good book always feels like home. Unfortunately, when I’m at college or living far away from my parents house I cannot take my whole library with me. Finding a way to read someplace new is really important to me.

Libraries- aka one of my favorite places on the planet. Every city and most towns have at least one. They are great places to do work or hang out. Also they have really cool books, music, and movies. It is really easy to get a library card anywhere, you just need a residence or permanent address or if you are me just look really sad until they give you one.

OpenLibrary- This is the easiest app to use. It only requires the downloading of one application on to any device, also a library card to a home library. However, it is used by less home libraries so there is a chance you can not access books through this. It super user friendly and has most best sellers and some really top rated books that anyone would want to read.

OverDrive- This is probably the most commonly used by home libraries. However, this means that a lot of books are already checked out. It also is a little more strict about returning deadlines. It does have a larger variety of books and often has audiobooks as well, some even have video files. The one draw back to this application is that it requires additional apps to actually use and view the content.

I am sure there are other options but I hope this helps others keep their nose in a book.