Reading Away From Home

So I love to read. I don’t really know about anyone else but for me a good book always feels like home. Unfortunately, when I’m at college or living far away from my parents house I cannot take my whole library with me. Finding a way to read someplace new is really important to me.

Libraries- aka one of my favorite places on the planet. Every city and most towns have at least one. They are great places to do work or hang out. Also they have really cool books, music, and movies. It is really easy to get a library card anywhere, you just need a residence or permanent address or if you are me just look really sad until they give you one.

OpenLibrary- This is the easiest app to use. It only requires the downloading of one application on to any device, also a library card to a home library. However, it is used by less home libraries so there is a chance you can not access books through this. It super user friendly and has most best sellers and some really top rated books that anyone would want to read.

OverDrive- This is probably the most commonly used by home libraries. However, this means that a lot of books are already checked out. It also is a little more strict about returning deadlines. It does have a larger variety of books and often has audiobooks as well, some even have video files. The one draw back to this application is that it requires additional apps to actually use and view the content.

I am sure there are other options but I hope this helps others keep their nose in a book.


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