Dealing with Rejection

Right now, life is weird. As anyone who has become an adult in the last 3-5 years at least that I know has worked multiple jobs. Now I know that I am incredibly lucky to have an foot in the field I want to work in. However, I am not making money. Over the past several months I have been working very hard to try get a second part time job to build skills and make some cash or build a safety net. I have been rejected immediately from EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Now let me tell you, I can now recognize the rejection as it is happening or from the first line of an email. It’s crushing every time, mostly because I do think I have the skills to do these jobs or can learn them. I am a fast learner! I am also always free my political job is flexible other than some events that I can alternate with my candidate for. So it’s frustrating.

I want to be productive and useful and right now I do not feel this way. I also do not feel as though I can spend any money which sometimes I need to do, like for birthdays and family travel and even just paying for gas. Although, I could consider it an internship or fellowship a learning experience. I am living at home and I just do not like feeling like a burden.

To cope, I am considering myself lucky to be working in the field I actually want to work in a cultivating a network of professionals in that field. Hopefully I am opening doors for myself in the future versus sticking myself in a hole or in one job. I am worried about money but luckily I am becoming an adult where there are other ways besides a traditional job to make cash. Also at this moment in time a lot of large retailers re closing. I try not to take it personally. There are a lot of people looking for jobs and very few places that can offer them. It is not personal.

Staying positive is hard, but I try.

Wish me luck.


Spring is not my favorite

Everyone loves Spring. It just seems like everyone is so excited for it and I do not understand.

Spring is either hot or rainy. Like so much rain — do you know how many pairs of shoes I have lost to a mud puddle? It’s also quite warm while being wet which is an icky feeling. There are so many people outside and parking just sucks because everyone is out and about. There also children in the park where I normally walk my dog so I need to change my dog walking routine because people make her too nervous.

Do not even get me started on the pollen count. There are so many things that make me sneeze and sneeze and I can’t smell any of the Barbecue smells!

Basically I am not looking forward to the next three months for several reasons and have decided to blame it on the climate.