Goals from this past year and how to make more…

Hello all.

So my computer has been dead and away these many weeks. I am getting it back on Monday. It was actually ready last week but guess what I was out of town!

So I today wanted to talk about making goals. Not just because it’s the end of the year or decade but also because recently I had to make goals at work. They had to fit organizational goals and be approved two levels but also had to be personal! It was really hard.

With work,  I had to deal with fact I don’t know that this is the job I want in a year. But I do know whenever I am ready to move on I need to make sure I got everything I can out of this while I can. Then I had to figure out what I wanted out of it! It was a lot of reflection for a 5 page form. But it really made me think about how I set my other goals in life.

I think the hardest part about creating a goal is you have to confront what you want and need as well as if you are actually doing what you need to do to get it. I have been saying for to years I want to go to grad school; every time I get around to making a plan or goals for the next couple months or steps of life I have to deal with the fact that I have done nothing to actually get into grad school. One of my big goals was to get my first credit card this year but… I never did it. It is so easy to apply and my boyfriend offered to help and friends and yet I never did it never followed through. WHY? That is what I need to figure out as I move into this new year.

Truthfully this came about because I was planning my goals of 2020 post (coming soon) and I was just going to move all the goals I didn’t finish into this new goal sheet. Then it came to me… why would I do that? Why wouldn’t I side step a goal or go back around to why I couldn’t/wouldn’t/wasn’t able to make the goal work.

So anyways for the most part except for my career goals I really succeeded or at least made significant steps  towards. The career goals I really need to re-examine what I want versus what I claim to want.

Happy goal setting!