Was I Right? – Bridgerton Season 2

I absolutely loved The Viscount who loved me and was really looking forward to Season 2. It is significantly different from the book, but an absolutely phenomenal season of television and love story. Due to some of the changes and expansions, I was wrong about a lot of things. How did you enjoy this season?

  • Edwina acknowledges Kate and Anthony’s connection to Mary or we see that she has a better connection with other suitors and the sacrifice she is making for the family before the bee scene.
    • FALSE! In this adaptation, Edwina is much more invested in Anthony’s courtship and her naivete in the books plays about in a very different way.
  • Francesca is in at least two episodes (especially because she gets married for the first time in the same season as Benedict).
    • TRUE! We did not get a lot of personality from her, but did get to see her in 3 episodes off and on again. She is often missing with no explanation. I really hope that she is in a little more moving forward. Then again, I don’t know that Benedict’s season is coming next.
  • Eloise and Edwina bond over wanting to pursue scholarship and higher education.
    • FALSE! Again they went in a very different direction with Edwina though Eloise explores this with another character.
  • The Cheese couple (Finch and Phillipa) get married.
    • TRUE! They are hilarious on screen and I am so glad they did end up being able to be married even with the deceptions of the new heir.
  • Kate bonds with the Bridgertons after the wedding.
    • True… I am giving myself this on a technicality, but hopefully we see some more in the coming seasons.
  • We see Anthony pick up the trumpet.
    • FALSE. Though I have hope for Happy Anthony in the coming seasons taking up new pursuits.
  • Eloise’s love interest will effect the Featheringtons.
    • Sort of! At the very least Penelope feels it is interfering with her role as Lady Whistledown whether or not this is true it does direct Pen and the Queen in a new way.
  • Colin shows some anger towards Lady Whistledown in front of Penelope.
    • YES! Or at the very least sort of takes away her “saving” argument for last season when it comes to what she shared about Marina’s pregnancy. Whistledown took quite the beating the whole season.
  • Daphne and Violet argue about how to best parent Daphne and Simon’s son.
    • FALSE! Though Violet was in conflict with the rest of her adult children on and off through out the season.
  • The season ends with the masquerade ball or at least the planning of it.
    • FALSE! They ended the season pretty ambiguously when it came to who will be the focus of next season. Benedict had so much screen time in a supporting sibling role (which was delightful!), but Colin and Pen’s story events have started to unfold. Benedict also was shown packing up, I think it is a coin toss.

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