Reflection on 2018

This year I have met hundreds of people, traveled across the United States, and read more than I have ever in a year. It was a full and crazy 365 days.

I started 2018 as a recent college graduate with no job whose boyfriend was visiting for the holidays. I end the year as a professional adult with no job who just moved in with her boyfriend. I did work over the course of the year. I actually had three jobs, one working a labor job in a used book warehouse, and two in my field, political organizing.

My family went to Alaska! We plateaued into an ongoing state of existence that we will hopefully we steady in. My sister started high school. I moved out. My brother moved from his jail cell to a mental institution where hopefully he can get the help he needs. We lost our elderly dog just a couple weeks ago, she was just in too much pain. It was a big year of evening out the rocky results of 2017.

I grew so much as a professional. I got up everyday and went to the same place. I learned how to manage other people. I learned how to manage myself! (Much more impressive. Trust.)

I joined groups and made friends, discovered mentors. Reconnected with old pals from high school and before. I was more social and free and open than I had been in years. Being in therapy for the whole year definitely helped with that. I got closure I didn’t know I needed from friends I didn’t know I still had.

Even though I failed almost half the resolutions I set myself this year I feel like I got more than I expected from 2018. After so many down years it was nice to have a positive one. I hope you all got through this year in one piece.

Wish 2019 luck, we are coming.


Moving out for good

So last week I packed up and moved out of my family home to move in with my boyfriend 6 states away. This post however is just about moving away from home.

I had been living in that home for 8 years even though for three and a half I was at college. I never really lived anywhere permanently for long. However, I was always with my family and spent most in the same county in Maryland. Now I am gone.

Packing to leave I thought would be the same as leaving for college. It wasn’t. I need things for year round versus seasonally. All the momentos and things from my childhood to make a judgement call. PICKING WHICH BOOKS TO TAKE! It was a hard decision and have since made plans with my family so I will eventually have all of them. To be honest even leaving my local the last time got emotional.

Leaving my home town and the people there was rougher than I thought. Because of the quick turnaround a lot of the time the first time I could see a friend was also the moment I was telling them I was leaving. It was also in most cases the last time we could see each other before I left. Saying goodbye to my dog even though I knew she was going to die before I saw her again. (It was less than a week before she went)

Still a little homesick.

Wish me luck.

On moving in with my boyfriend

Hello, so in the last week I packed up from my family home and moved six states away and in with my boyfriend. This post is just about living with my significant other for the first time.

So we have been together for a little over two and a half years but spent the last year or so completely long distance. Living together is change. We were together so often in college that it seemed so easy but also now we need to be adults too.

It’s nice miss someone so much and want to spend so much time with them and have a whole week before work begins. (At least for him) I still have to find a job. We can relax and spend much need time hanging out and watching TV (currently Brooklyn 99, Madame Secretary, and The Expanse).

The Cons: we have unpacking to do and job prep. A lot of cleaning to do and getting my partner used to my cat. He is not a cat person and the cat creates a little bit of a mess with the hair and kitty litter. We don’t always like the food the others make. We both are introverts to both like and need alone time. To ask that from one of the people you love most in the world is awkward.

The Pros: I am living with one of my favorite people on the planet. I don’t have to deal with figuring out everything on my own, like utilities, cooking, the trash, how often to clean to be like not a gross person. It doesn’t take time to make it feel like home I already feel like I’m there.

Wish us luck.