Vicious by V.E. Schwab (Spoilers)

So Vicious by V. E. Shwab was our April Book club book of the month. This book is a Sci-fi book following two men that 10 years after their senior thesis have become archenemies.; also, superheroes. Now I felt that hype has really effected my reading experience lately, but this is the only book that I really felt lived up to all the acclaim it has received in the book community. .

If you like: superheroes, morally grey characters, and mysteries I strongly believed that you will like this story. It is a science-fiction story in it’s elements but the writing and telling of this story is very much in a mystery/thriller style. What truly makes this book special is the character study. Every character has incredible depth and darkness and is nothing like a character I had seen before; however, all that is coming in the spoiler part of this review.

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Learning the Remote Work

So my new job is awesome. However, because it covers a wide region I have the ability through company computer and phone to work completely remotely. It is pretty simple as it is a salaried job so it is mostly task and event oriented. I do end up working often a little more than 40 hours a week but those 40 weeks aren’t standard.

Problem 1: Early morning motivation is really hard because I can sleep longer and do my first couple hours from home instead of having to get ready immediately.

Problem 2: When I work from home I feel really guilty when I don’t get home work/chores done even though I am doing career work.

Problem 3: Meals. Should I eat breakfast when working? Should I eat lunch or go home from there? It ends with me being too indecisive to regularly eat.

Problem 4: Making friends or at least acquaintances at work. I want to go into the office and meet the people I’m working with. I don’t really know anyone in the area. However, I don’t work as well with lots of people to distract me. But I need to get to know people to get help with work and partner on projects.

I am so lucky to have this job and I understand that these are the first world or first world problems. However, as a growing adult this what I am working through.

I’m sure it would all work out but wish me luck anyways.

Bitter Kingdom Review (Spoilers)

So this is a very late (sorry I started a new job) review of The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson. This was our March book club book. This is the finale of an epic fantasy trilogy so obviously there will be spoilers for a majority of this review. What I will say before that section I will say that this was an excellent book. In terms of scope the world continues to grow and grow. I still have world building questions but that’s okay because they are questions for the real world too. It was an incredible satisfying conclusion, all the story lines had conclusions that made sense but were surprising.

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