Monthly Recommendations: Auto-Read Authors

This month’s category is Auto-Read or Auto-buy authors. I don’t buy myself a lot of books I typically wait until the holidays, but these are some the authors I always ask for or pick up when I see at the library.

Tamora Pierce: One of my favorite authors and I am only half way through all her work.  I try and pick one up every time there is one I haven’t read at the library. She always writes such compelling characters and all of my favorite book boyfriends.

Ellen Hopkins: Poetry. Heart-wrenching. Quick. It’s such one of a kind books that I can’t help but pick it up.

Rick Riordan: I feel like this is an obvious one that’s going to show up on a lot of recommendations. His books are so immersive and accessible to all age groups. When looking for a really fun read or I want to learn something about mythology I always try to find one of his books.

Anne McCaffery: One word: Dragons. I love Pern and every McCaffery book I’ve read. It is growing hard to find one I haven’t read in libraries but when I can I read it.

Soman Chainani: So this is the newest author to me, I’ve only recent read his only published Trilogy: The School for Good and Evil. It blew me away I devoured the entire trilogy in under a week. I already have a hold at the library for his book coming out this fall and I know I’m going to be reading whatever else he publishes.


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