I need a break

So life is overwhelming me a little at the moment. This is the first day since September that I haven’t been working at least a little bit since The second week of October. I have been recently gained a lot of new responsibilities at work which is exciting but also I still have my old work to do and because of hiring freezes I can’t get the official promotion and pay raise.

I feel like it has just been a lot to keep up with deadlines and responsibilities in a reasonable time frame. Plus, my home and relationships and everything else that needs time and attention.

There aren’t enough hours in the day or mental capacity in a human being. So I am taking a break from work and from our apartment. We are going up to visit my partners family for three days. To step away from the internet and people and the apartment.

I know when we get back there is going to be even more to do, but it feels necessary. I don’t know if I can keep running this marathon like a sprint.


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