3 episode theory

I love television. If it can be considered a hobby I feel like watching TV may be one of mine (yes, very cool I understand). Truly there is some incredible television that exists and some that simply stinks. There is just so much of it to try! You could spend years of your life watching pilot episodes of television show and your whole life committing to just a few. How is one supposed to know which ones to pick? I over the years have developed a 3-episode theory that I apply to every show before I commit.

Episode 1:The pilot -The hook in. Pilots tend to be a highlight for many shows. More time is spent on them and they are made not just for the viewers but for the networks to invest in. Someone truly saw potential here! A lot of effort, a lot of promises, a lot of introductions or crazy plots that can make it hard to connect.

Episode 2: The set up – The writing staff has been finalized and a season has started. This episode sets up the main arc for every character. It’s a lot of set-up and intrigue and trying to live up to the promise of the pilot.

Episode 3: The normal – The season has started to settle in. This is your average episode, maybe a filler (if you are cynical). These are gonna be a majority of your episodes. If you like this one, if it has new jokes, characters are starting to arc, plots are starting twist, etc. continue watching. The show has grown and settled

You may ask why not just watch the pilot? Because you can’t get a full grasp of where the story is going.

You may ask why not just watch episode three and get it over with? Because that will ruin the story for you if you should like it. Commit to the three episodes and you’ll know for sure if it’s the show for you, if not you only wasted the time of a bad movie.

So if your stuck at home right now, pick a show any show and give my three episode theory at try.

Best of luck and let me know what shows you try!




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