Stress Sickness

When I was in college I had this really peculiar thing happen. It happened every semester a day or two after I got home from my university. So I would have my finals done and my first load of laundry in and I would start to sneeze and cough and shiver. Every semester I would fall to a terrible cold for about a week during the holidays (winter or summer).

It was awful and I couldn’t understand it. For the first like 2 years and then I just knew to expect it. I expected a week of just a disastrous semi-flu every couple months. It sucked but I knew what was happening. It was my body’s release after forcing myself not to be sick throughout finals for one to two weeks. Once it realized that it didn’t have to hold up it just shut down in attempt to reboot.

So the only reason I bring this up is because it has happened again. I really haven’t experienced the same level of non-stop work. And then the moment after a two-event day I fell asleep and woke up feverish and congested and coughing a lung up.  It really sucked because even with a job where I could take a day off from working the weekend, But the rest of the week was really hard it wasn’t intense but I had to work and also there is a huge health crisis going on both in one of the worst flu strains in many years and the coronavirus.

Anyway it was really awkward because my partner was like why don’t you take care of health so you don’t get sick. And it reminded me that I do but during these intense stressful times this is my systems default . It’s like I could get sick and fail at work or school or be unable to perform or I could get a little sick sometimes.

Anyway, bodies are weird and heath is tough. Sometimes these are the choices we have to make. Wish me luck getting better.



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