On Making Adult Friends

I really like having friends or at the very least someone to talk to and have fun with. However friends have always been kind of forced into my life, mostly in school or camp. It’s easy to be friends with who lives in your dorm hall or you have to see every week.

My job is really about meeting a lot of people and networking but there is no one I see or talk to everyday except my candidate and my family. It’s been hard to figure out how to make friends and who is a friend versus someone who tolerates you while you are at the same event.

I would like friends where I am living but it’s hard. Mostly because I am pretty sure I am too aggressive when trying to be friends or like actively avoid people. I have found myself to be a relatively polarizing person, and I am very afraid of the people that don’t like me.

The easiest technique that I have used is just showing up, at events, restaurants, the library, etc. People just seem to get used to your presence or maybe I got used to them and finally felt comfortable. Either way several people I hadn’t talked to were convinced we were friends just because they had seen me so often. (I know this sounds like a joke but it’s how I made my two best friends since moving back home).

If anyone knows another way to have fun, platonic people in your life I really would like to know about it.

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