Learning the Remote Work

So my new job is awesome. However, because it covers a wide region I have the ability through company computer and phone to work completely remotely. It is pretty simple as it is a salaried job so it is mostly task and event oriented. I do end up working often a little more than 40 hours a week but those 40 weeks aren’t standard.

Problem 1: Early morning motivation is really hard because I can sleep longer and do my first couple hours from home instead of having to get ready immediately.

Problem 2: When I work from home I feel really guilty when I don’t get home work/chores done even though I am doing career work.

Problem 3: Meals. Should I eat breakfast when working? Should I eat lunch or go home from there? It ends with me being too indecisive to regularly eat.

Problem 4: Making friends or at least acquaintances at work. I want to go into the office and meet the people I’m working with. I don’t really know anyone in the area. However, I don’t work as well with lots of people to distract me. But I need to get to know people to get help with work and partner on projects.

I am so lucky to have this job and I understand that these are the first world or first world problems. However, as a growing adult this what I am working through.

I’m sure it would all work out but wish me luck anyways.


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