A Wedding Weekend

So this past weekend (Fri-Sun) I was in Arkansas for the long anticipated wedding of my best friend. It was a whirlwind of a weekend. It both felt full and with nothing to do. To phrase it better, we were always going somewhere or doing something but none of it was very active.

Flight: So to start off there are not a lot of flights in and out of Arkansas everyday. So we either had to fly in really early or get in really late. So we flew in really early which was great for traffic and availability in the parking deck. All our flights were overbooked. I don’t know if this was an airline problem or a frequency problem. Either way it was a problem. Our second flight was super late cause no one was voluntarily getting bumped. For the most parts the flights themselves weren’t too bad but just a little crowded and warm.

Car: Our car we rented was actually really nice, which was especially nice with all the driving we had to do. Mid-spring in Arkansas was exceptionally green and beautiful there were lots of horses which I liked.

What we did: Set up for the wedding weren’t  long because certain people *anyone but the family* weren’t allowed to to help until later. However, the venue looked beautiful with mason jars, flowers, boughs of leaves, and so much white tulle it was crazy. It ended up looking beautiful against the grey stone building . The feel was very rustic Belle. Me and my human had to duck out early because we’d been up like 17 hours at that point. But my best friend in the world finally met my human in person.

Wedding day started around 6 am with a shower and my human and I stealing the same persons’ coffee twice (to clarify this was MY fault). The rush figuring out my fair and make-up so the groom could pick me up on the way to venue was intense. We then did pictures for approximately two hours and I EXPERTLY laced the bride into her corset-backed dress. When the guests arrived I handed my human off to our(my and the bride)’s friends from back home and high school.

The procession and actual ceremony was incredibly sweet. The whole wedding party was in tears. Then a squirrel ran across the fireplace and that lightened the mood. The reception was fun and there was incredible barbecue and Oma’s famous homemade bbq sauce. It was delicious there was great talking and the dessert was divine. Chocolate raspberry truffles (mmmhm mmmhm good) in addition to the traditional white cake and cheesecake.


When we finally meandered out it was only like 3, as the ceremony started at 11. So we, me, my human, and my two friends from back home, went to a winery. It was a lovely place called An Enchanting Evening. They let us do a full tasting before selecting our bottle. My favorite was the Traminette (a semi-sweet white) that was tart and so refreshing, a perfect summer wine. As a group we went with the Savant (a delicious, sweet red). Then we explored the back tasting balcony and the views were truly incredible! We caught up and talked for ours. It was so nice I really missed them. It was also nice to be with people and not have to explain any backstory or justify some of the things that just slip out of your mouth unfiltered. Also the pizza we ordered was delicious.

The next day we went down to the Arkansas River and what was left of THE “Little Rock”. Also learned some cool Arkansas history. There was a beautiful sculpture exhibition/showcase at the same time that we walked around as well. Then we went to the airport, returned our rental car, got Chili’s, and flew home.

Honestly for a 48 hour trip we got a lot of food and had a lot of amazing experiences in. And my best friends got married to the love of her life, which was pretty surreal. Hopefully, their are even more good trips in our future and an amazing happy life in hers. IMG_7916


On Visiting Alaska

So for the past week I have been mostly off the grid on a family vacation in Anchorage, Alaska. It was amazing. I have wanted to go to Alaska for such a long time (yes, partially due to Son of Neptune, but it counts). It did not disappoint in beautiful scenery and adventuring time.

My favorite part of traveling anywhere new is the food. It is often slightly different that local fair, but something to make it special. In Alaska there were some very unique types of foods, elk meatballs, for example. One of my pizzas had reindeer fennel sausage. The sushi in Alaska was of such good quality because of the freshness of the fish, highly recommend at least once. One of my family’s places to go when traveling is to local dive restaurants it’s normally really good homey food where you get a sense of the local flavor.

Alaska is well-known for it’s wildlife and it is in fact recommended that you buy bear spray no matter where you hike. We luckily never needed it. We actually didn’t see a lot of wildlife except for a couple very cute harbor seals, a fat moose, and a lot of birds. Actually one of the highlights of my trip was explaining to a man from Hawaii that chipmunks were full grown and not just babies. (Apparently chipmunks do not occur in Hawaii). One of our best tourism stops was the the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center where they rescue and rehabilitate or permanently home wildlife. We saw some amazing creatures there. Also, Santa’s reindeer were most likely girls.

As a PS there were two porcupines, this one is Kit-Kat (and missing a leg) and the other one is Snickers!

All family vacations are hard because it is 100% of your time is spent with the same people. Which fyi is hard no matter how much you like your family it is a lot of exposure! So that can become emotionally draining. As well as especially if you hard-core tourist like me either have a very long day of walking and/or driving in a car. So it can be physically wearing also versus the relax you may be expecting. We ended up averaging about 5-7 miles a day. It was absolutely incredible, except that time when we ended up getting lost down a bike trail on a mountain. No matter how taxing the views were always worth it.

Overall, Alaska is 100%, maybe 98% worth the journey, plus no sales tax.