Predictions: Bridgerton Season 2

It is almost here, coming on March 25th to Netflix will be Bridgerton Season 2. After Season 1 went viral at the end of 2020.This series is based on the best selling romance novels by Julia Quinn, each book and now season following one of the Bridgerton siblings love stories. This season is based on my personal favorite “The Viscount Who Loved Me”. However, the series expands past the books to maintain stories for all the siblings and other major characters until time comes for their book. I wanted to share my predictions for what will be added or changed in the story for the upcoming season. What do you think will happen and are you planning on watching?

  1. Edwina acknowledges Kate and Anthony’s connection to Mary or we see that she has a better connection with other suitors and the sacrifice she is making for the family before the bee scene.
  2. Francesca is in at least two episodes (especially because she gets married for the first time in the same season as Benedict).
  3. Eloise and Edwina bond over wanting to pursue scholarship and higher education.
  4. The Cheese couple (Finch and Phillipa) get married.
  5. Kate bonds with the Bridgertons after the wedding.
  6. We see Anthony pick up the trumpet.
  7. Eloise’s love interest will effect the Featheringtons.
  8. Colin shows some anger towards Lady Whistledown in front of Penelope.
  9. Daphne and Violet argue about how to best parent Daphne and Simon’s son.
  10. The season ends with the masquerade ball or at least the planning of it.

Predictions: Sweet Magnolias Season 2

Sweet Magnolias was one of my early pandemic fixations. It was a show I picked up on a whim and was pleasantly surprised by, considering Netflix did like no promotion for the first season. It takes place in Serenity, South Carolina and follows three lifelong best friends as their families and lives are transitioning again, and not by choice. Season 2 is premiering in a little less than 2 weeks on February 4th. I wanted to share my predictions before I watch the new trailer and the press starts. There are 10 episodes so these are my 10 thoughts on what we might see. Are you planning on watching?

  1. Annie was the other passenger in the car, but she wasn’t badly hurt.
  2. Dana Sue reconnects with her ex-husband but they don’t get back together.
  3. Helen and Erik go on an actual date and Helen gets some
  4. Erik and Helen have an very tense conversation about kids.
  5. Noreen and the baby leave Serenity for good.
  6. Maddie and Cal get engaged
  7. CeCe breaks up with Ty.
  8. Kyle and Ty bond over hating Annie’s new love interest (my money is on Jackson).
  9. Mary Vaughn is Isaac’s mom, but we do not find out who his father is this season.
  10. Trotter gets the screen time he deserves, including a double date with him, Ashley, Cal, and Maddie.