I hired someone!

So for the past few months we have been interviewing people to fill a new position at my work. Sort of to fill my old position, but also to develop a pathway for those we serve. They are going to be working pretty closely with me, but not for me. So I was intimately involved in the interview and selection process. It was a really odd experience. I had only ever been the one looking for a job before.

In the first round of interviews, I was really turned off by a lot of our candidates who were really charming in their interview, but some of their answers and the way they were approaching the job was not hitting home. The first candidate we offered the position, I was really sure they weren’t right for the job but everyone else was. They ended up turning us down, because they were in fact just say what they thought we wanted to hear.

Anyway in the second round, I trusted my questions and my instinct a little more. The person I ranked highest is the one we ended up offering the position to. They just accepted! We did it! We were successful in filling the position. Because I was really helpful in the hiring process they are actually also having me become a larger part of onboarding. I am really excited about the new ways that the organization I work for is letting me grow.

Have you ever onboarded someone, whose position wasn’t totally formed yet?


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