Job Update: 2 Years In

I have been at my current organization for a little over two years. Honestly, it feels a little crazy as it doesn’t feel like that long because we have been in the pandemic for half of that time. I also was recently promoted into a Manager position. It was really nice to feel recognized, especially considering the year it has been. I also had likely taken on an additional job since our RIF (reduction in force). I feel much more relaxed now that job is officially mine and because of the promotion I am being compensated for that and able to start to balance back my schedule.

While it is nice to feel compensated, it also feels a bit like an accident. I was in place to take over this position because 2 months into my job with the organization the person I have replaced (they left) had back surgery. Due to the fact I had just started I didn’t have a lot of responsibility and was able to take over part of their paperwork. When she came back in that fill in debrief process, we became friends. Due to that, I was asked to join the volunteer committee I now run. Basically I accidently slid into a position where I was already in place to take over when they left at the beginning of the pandemic last summer.

It also feels awkward. There is a huge culture at my organization that loyalty and time are the most rewarded. There are many members of the staff that have worked here years if not decades longer than me. It feels a little awkward to break that culture and be promoted ahead of some of my direct peers to become the same staff level with those who have been here 10ish years. I also feel guilty. We had a huge RIF in the fall (25% of our staff). Many of whom were friends and people I admired. It feels odd to have had the money to promote me because of this,

However, I feel like this is a space I would be willing to stay in moving forward. I like the work we do and I like my position. I also like most of the people I work with very much. What comes next will be interesting to see!

Wish me luck with my new position!


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