2020 Mid-Year Check-In

So somehow despite this year being a grab bag of disaster and upheaval we are 6 months in. It is wild how much has happened this year just Globally. Then, Nationally. Then, locally. Then, just me. It to me feels like each month has been its on mini-year. 2020 has aged me like nothing else. I don’t know about you. But I have spent so long thinking about my community and my people during this time that I haven’t really had the time or space to think about how I am doing. So I thought I would check-in with some of the goals I set and how I have been doing lately.

Professional Goals

  • I attended a virtual working group conference. It was supposed to happen in person. I am super bummed, I feel like I didn’t connect with the group as well as I would have if we had actually been together for four days.
  • I have taken quite a few GRE practice tests, but not the actual GRE. I am a chicken, but also it’s become very hard to take the test during this GLOBAL PANDEMIC.
  • I made friends at work… but many have left during this time or I don’t really get to see or interact them with due to remote working.

Financial Goals

  • I put more than expected into savings, but am expecting to spend a bit of it over the rest of the year due a move and likely having to buy a new car.
  • Activities have been cancelled and have been spending more money on take out and delivery services. Did buy some video games to play with my partner.

Health Goals

  • So I don’t know how many people this is true for but I feel like a lot of my general health went out the window starting with the pandemic. Not just because of the illness, but I started having extreme trouble sleeping. Mostly eating non-perishables, due to not wanting to go to the markets frequently.

Personal Goals

  • I have been catching up with a lot of people which is good.
  • I was hanging out with people before the pandemic, which was good and then almost immediately bad.
  • I have been watching a few more movies, since getting HBO Max. However, I am still thoroughly more into TV shows and have watch some amazing ones recently (special shout out to Sweet Magnolias and Infinity Train)

Writing Goals

  • I have been keeping up with journaling which will be super interesting to look back on in a couple years.
  • Work has been insane so I haven’t been feeling creative or like I want to expend energy creating.
  • Obviously fell a little behind with the blogging. It just didn’t feel like my time to speak. I did address this, but if you missed it just go here: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/

Reading Goals

  • So this year I’ve read about 90 books. Which is a lot more than I had anticipated because time has changed. But during this time and space in life I have found a lot of comfort in returning to ANY PLACE ELSE.
  • Honestly, numbers wise I’ve read more disappointing books than normal, but percentage wise I’ve had a great reading year.
    • Some favorites: A River of Royal Blood; The War That Saved My Life; This is How You Lose a Time War
  • I have been finding that even though I have been trying to read more diversly for a while. I really wasn’t getting into the non-fiction or anti-racism education stuff. I am starting to do that.
    • I have started with Stamped by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi. The next plan is to move to Pushed and White Fragility

I hope you all are doing okay and make sometime to check-in with yourself. Best of luck with the rest of 2020.


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