Building a Kitchen: Essential Cookware

I know when I was just starting to live on my own I had no idea what I needed to get by in the kitchen. It’s been almost four years so I have compiled a list of necessities to get you through any day to day cooking/baking/food constructions.

  1. Cutting Board: silicon or wooden work but it is essential. You will destroy counters, pans, plates, etc. Silicon/rubber cutting boards are easier to clean and maintain.
  2. Colander: drain the water! Also can be useful for cleaning fruits and veggies. Can be combined with mixing bowl to create make-shift salad spinner.
  3. Mixing Bowl: you know for mixing and combining
  4. Chef’s knife: I would recommend 4 – 6 inch blade. Not so big that you feel unsafe wielding it but big enough to not have to put all your strength into dicing an onion.
  5. Saucepan (2 quarts) with lid: for boiling and simmering. You do need a lid. Don’t make my mistakes

    You can live forever on fresh salsa and chips
  6. 10 inch frying pan: ideally it will also be oven safe. I don’t know what I would do without my copper pan
  7. Sheet pan: sizable enough to make at least 12 cookies.
  8. Wooden Spoon: for stirring and mixing. Also won’t scratch Teflon and can stop water from boiling over.
  9. Slotted Spatula/turner: for flipping
  10. Tongs: catch all tool for cooking and serving (don’t underestimate)
If you can’t make cookies, do you even have a kitchen?

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