Quick and Easy Meals ft. Non-perishables

So, we like many in our area and country and world are stuck at home. We are only going food shopping every couple weeks and ordering what we can. Because of this we are relying a lot on non-perishables throwing in some other things when we can. I thought that I would throw-up some quick and easy recipes that we have been using to avoid just ramen noodles.

  • Sausage Gravy Noodles
    • This meal idea comes from my partner’s mom. All you need for this recipe is some sausage to brown or cook, vegetables (onions, bell pepper, whatever you have on hand) to saute, noodles, and a condensed soup like mushroom or cream of chicken.
    • To assemble: cook noodles like normal; saute vegetables together with sausage if you want; when noodles are being drained cook condensed soup like a gravy or sauce (DO NOT add water); then combine ingredients. Season to preference.
  • Loaded Nachos
    • A lot of this just depends on what you have on hand besides tortilla chips and a cheese that melts well. Add beans. salsa, corn, cilantro, ground meat, shredded chicken, etc.
    • To assemble: make nachos add ingredients.
  •  Tuna Salad
    • What you need: canned tuna, mayo, pickle juice, salt and pepper. Optional ingredient: chopped pickles, celery, red onion.
    • To assemble: mix ingredients, add to bread or eat with crackers.
    • IF YOU HAVE THE CHEESE: make a tuna melt please for those of us who do not.
  • Rice-based anything
    • Yes, there are a million rice dishes from fried rice to risotto. For this I am also throwing in rice cakes, rice pudding, and rice crispy treats.

What are some of your favorite pantry meals?

Stay safe and healthy.


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