Activities for self-isolation

So I’m stuck in my house. I should rephrase that I am currently permanently located in my apartment to keep myself and others healthier at least for the time being. So besides work (which has been a lot lately) here are somethings my partner and I have been doing.

  • Dancing! – We dance a lot normally cause it’s a fun thing to do. But lately we have been dancing to keep spirits up as we head back to work or are cleaning again or whatever.
    • Try it Silent Disco style. Everyone has their own headphones and is listening to their own music but dancing together. It is super fun and looks super funny.
  • Cards – I personally come from a Gin Rummy playing family, but that doesn’t stop my partner from beating me every time we play. We also have pulled out some of our goofier games like Goat Lords. With just the two of us we can’t always pull out the board games.
    • I personally have rocked a couple games of Solitaire but also when it’s just me playing  I cheat so…
  • Yoga/Stretching – This was not turned into a competition to see who could hold stretches the longest.
  • Lunch Dates – My partner and I  are both lucky enough to work from home during this unsettling time, but after a long day of calls and meetings on meetings we need a lot of unwinding time at night. So we’ve been moving away from the desks and having lunch together for 20 minutes and chatting about everything that’s annoying and all the things we are going to have to do the rest of the day and what podcast we are listening to.

What have you been up to? Please stay safe and healthy.



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