5 Year High School Reunion

So this past weekend was the 5-year reunion of my high school’s graduating class. I did not go because of being many states away and also have an insane amount of work this weekend (but last work weekend til october!). However, these sorts of anniversaries bring up a lot of memories and realizations. For starters, I have now been out of high school longer than I was in it! Woo-hoo!

I don’t know that high school was the easiest of times for anyone but it was certainly at least logistically and financially easier. Structure was imposed by parents and schools. I had only time commitments no financial ones. Do you remember when you thought of these things as restraints and not supports? And the 5/10/20 year plans that you made while those supports were in place. While my life is DRASTICALLY different than what I anticipated when I was graduating high school my 5 yer plan could have been garbage for how much I followed it.

I am not trying to complain because my life to be fair is far better, happier, and stabler than my 17 year old brain had the capacity to visualize. It is weird though when I think of the people I graduated high school with and who I thought would be friends for life I was right about like 2 out of 3 most of the time. It’s so bizarre that these people that you are with 40 + hours a week for 4 years if not more before that are out living these lives that you are never going to intersect with again.

Anyways back to the point of the reunion, I didn’t really think I had to go besides being busy because I believed had reunited with all the people I wanted to. Then I saw the photos. There are straight-up people I forgot existed. Anyways 5 years is a lot longer than I realized even though it doesn’t feel very far away.

Here’s hoping that the next five years have more reunions and my life is better in ways I can’t anticipate now.


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