2019 Resolutions

As always resolutions are hard to keep. Here are some of the goals that I am working towards this year. Some I am trying (and occasionally failing) every day, week, month and not just one overall theme for the year.

Reading Goals:

  • Read 100 books in the calendar year
    • My goal is to read more historical fiction but even reading 5 would be more for me
  • Reduce the books I own that I haven’t read by half (either read or get rid of)
  • Read 10 books that come out this year. Thank you new library system!
  • Complete 6 book series

Writing Goals:

  • Write 20 minutes a day
  • More public writing, either sharing this blog more or entering writing competitions
  • Minimum three blog posts a month
    • One of these will be a book review for the my family book club

Health Goals:

  • 5 glasses of water or tea everyday
  • One meatless day a week (you don’t know me like that but for me this is a huge deal)
  • No buys pre-desserts from the grocery store except special occasions ie holidays, anniversaries, etc.

Career Goals:

  • Get a job!
  • Start attending networking events in my new location
  • One public speaking event/engagement

Life Goals:

  • Build credit score
  • Visit three new places
  • Support my best friend at her wedding this spring
  • Learn two new recipes a month

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