Moving out for good

So last week I packed up and moved out of my family home to move in with my boyfriend 6 states away. This post however is just about moving away from home.

I had been living in that home for 8 years even though for three and a half I was at college. I never really lived anywhere permanently for long. However, I was always with my family and spent most in the same county in Maryland. Now I am gone.

Packing to leave I thought would be the same as leaving for college. It wasn’t. I need things for year round versus seasonally. All the momentos and things from my childhood to make a judgement call. PICKING WHICH BOOKS TO TAKE! It was a hard decision and have since made plans with my family so I will eventually have all of them. To be honest even leaving my local the last time got emotional.

Leaving my home town and the people there was rougher than I thought. Because of the quick turnaround a lot of the time the first time I could see a friend was also the moment I was telling them I was leaving. It was also in most cases the last time we could see each other before I left. Saying goodbye to my dog even though I knew she was going to die before I saw her again. (It was less than a week before she went)

Still a little homesick.

Wish me luck.


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