National LeftHanded Day

Happy National Left-Handed Day! It’s one of my favorite thing about people to bond over. I don’t really know why but left-handed people really like finding each other. Here’s one of my favorite stories about being left handed. I have a really hard time telling my left and rights apart even now, almost 21 years later. When I told my mom as a little kid she told me it was very normal for left-handed people because right is normal for most people and we viewed left as normal so everything was flipped around.

When I started school I didn’t have problems reading but I had problems writing. I couldn’t write anything the correct way. I just couldn’t tell the difference. I just copied the teacher’s writing so I wouldn’t get in trouble. When I figured out it was easier to read numbers backwards so I could say them, my mom’s logic carried over. My brain flipped the right and left so I couldn’t tell. I genuinely believed I couldn’t write the correct way because I was left handed. Then, my third grade teacher told me being left-handed wasn’t an excuse I was just dyslexic.

So PSA left-handedness does not equal dyslexia but in my family they overlap.


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