Monthly Recommendations: Mixed Media/Graphic Novels

Monthly recommendations is a Goodreads group that gives different recommendations for books in new categories every month. This month’s theme is graphic novels or mixed-media, really anything through comic books. I personally haven’t read that many graphic novels/comic books but the ones I have read I really love.


Amelia Rules by Jimmy Gownley- So this is a children’s series but it’s soooo good. It was actually my little sister’s and I used to steal it from her room. It’s about a girl who has to move to a small town after her parent’s divorce and she has to learn how to fit in with her new friends who are pretend superheros at war with the neighborhood ninjas.

Betty and Veronica by Archie Comics –  I loved Betty and Veronica and they have their own comic series where they do much better than trying to date Archie. It’s just really funny and sweet.

elfquestElfQuest by Wendy and Richard Pini- This is one of the favorite series. It’s about elves that are bonded with wolves and then humans burn down their forest and have to leave and find a new home.

No Fear Shakespeare Graphic Novels published by Sparknotes – So this is I think the easiest way to consume a Shakespeare Play. You get to take your time with the language but it also has the visual aspect that is like you are reading a play on stage.

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson – I wished this was a series but it is a really beautiful, cute, and sad story about what makes some one a hero or a villain.

Saga by Brian K Vaughn – Everyone kind of already knows this series but it’s very good and just because it’s hyped you should still read it. It is the story of a pair of galactic lovers who are on opposite sides of the war and told from the POV of the pair’s child.




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