Long-Distance Relationships

Happy Valentine’s Week! I hope you are spending it with anyone who makes you happy. This week I will be spending Valentine’s Day on Facetime. My S.O. is 500 miles away finishing up his degree. To be fair last year we celebrated at the hours I had off from stage managing the Vagina Monologues but we were at least together.

Long distance relationships are a pain in the butt. I am in a long distance relationship with everyone I care about S.O. and best friends.  With best friends it’s easy we’ve been together so long. My best friend in the world lives another couple hundred miles away in Arkansas. We keep our connection through weekly newsletters, filled with what we did this week, what books we read, annoying things people said to us, etc.

With my partner things are a little harder. Technology helps. Snapchat allows for a daily viewing of the face you miss. The Showgoers extension on chrome allows you to watch Netflix at the same time on different devices. So date nights can still continue as long as your partner does not pause every other second like mine does. We have found that it’s important to keep up communication while far apart to make sure the other person still feels like they are a part of day-to-day operations. Developing traditions around the long-distance like saying goodnight every night and making sure the other person ate lunch.

Anyway long-distance sucks but love rocks and it has become easier to make it work.

Spend this week with people who make you happy.


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