Breaking Resolutions

So for the last two weeks I have broken my resolution to write a blog piece for this site once a week before midnight. It’s just so easy not to do something versus actually doing it. So I took so unintentional and then some intentional time off because I didn’t really have anything to say and I felt guilty.

Then I was like why should I feel guilty it’s a promise I made to myself and it does not hurt anyone else. Also it’s not a huge deal as it is not as though I am giving up on my blog or my writing. Actually a lot of the reasons I took a break is because I was so focused on my other resolutions. Also, I got really sick.

My baking resolution also had to change slightly because we recently found out my grandmother is pre-diabetic. So instead of practicing my meringues I have been practicing my sugar-free baking.

I think that is okay to press pause on a resolution and not feel bad. As long as the goal is given up on but only made to work with current life situation. Resolutions are should make you feel better and improve your life. It should not make you feel worse or push your life in ways that do not make you feel good.

Long story short. I am keeping up with blog I just think it’s okay to take time off.


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