Applying to jobs

I need to do something when I leave school. This is fine and I like working. What I do not like doing is actively pursuing something (a job) that may not be mine. I am so scared of the rejection I know is coming (on average it takes 5o applications for 1 interview). It has not been a fun time.

I am starting with applying to Americorp. It is a year of public service with a living stipend and a grant for school once the service is completed. It’s both the field I want to go into but it also doesn’t tie me down to one place for more than a year. Unfortunately, it is also very competitive. I cannot put all my eggs in this one basket and need to apply to other jobs as well.

Where? What? How much? I honestly do not know.

There are so many job sectors that fit into Political Science (my major) let alone more individual groups and corporations that I could apply to it’s hard to know what to do or what I want. Right now the plan is to apply everywhere and see where the cards fall. It is hard and it sucks. I wish there were more people that could just tell me what to do or where to apply so I don’t have to apply to 50 jobs and get all the rejections that are for sure coming my way.



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