Making the best of the end

I have 6 weeks left of college. Actually probably less than 40 days at this point. It is terrifying. This school has become my home for the past 3 and a half years and it’s going to suck not to have it around or the friends I have grown to rely on. However, college also keeps me from having to be totally responsible for myself from becoming a “real” adult. My goal in my last couple days is to make the best of my last days of undergrad.

A) Yes I am and always have been super nostolgic about everything… even things that were really bad for me when they are going away

B) I am trying not to mope but make the best of it.

A lot of it has been really hard because this has been one of my favorite semesters yet. I am taking classes with professors I really like. My apartment mates are fun. And I have made more friends than I had expected this semester. So I am making the best of it. I am setting time aside to go to plays and have weekly lunches with old friends. I even went to a few parties I haven’t been to in a long time. Hopefully my last few weeks at my school will be happy ones.

Fingers Crossed.


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