One big part of my internship and the part I was the most scarred about is canvassing.  This is basically means going around a neighborhood going to doors and talking to people, trying to get anyone to take literature or sign-up or give money to a cause.  Luckily in this case we aren’t asking for money we are just asking people to take literature and maybe sign-up for a mailing list.  We also aren’t going to every house but have a set list of people and addresses.

It is honestly very mentally and physically exhausting, but not as anxiety inducing as I had expected. I really don’t like talking to people but it’s not too bad because most of the time people aren’t home or they shoo you off. Sometimes you even get to have nice conversations with people, that has happened once or twice. The physical exhaustion is worse, I am still sore from Wednesday. We went to a little town outside of Boston. One of the streets I was assigned was on an extreme hill. The front doors were two to three flights up from the sidewalk, just for them not to be home 95% of the time. It was exhausting and also hot. Most days that we’ve been canvasing we’ve clocked in between 4-6 miles and it’s been 85 and humid. Not ideal days for me type people.

Moving forward. I don’t really have a choice about whether or not to continue because it is you know my internship also potentially a big part of the field I want to go into. But I think for now I’m working on focusing on the bright side. A) I do really need exercise so it’s not the worst thing and B) I’m getting to see more of Boston which is nice it’s like I get to explore through my job. In the future though I really need to figure out a way to bring water with me. Also to start planning my route before I start walking.

Hopefully as I get used to it, everything will get easier.


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