Learning to explore

Boston. So mostly a new city, but I’ve been here a few times for commuter rails, airports, a date, and one time a Model United Nations conference. It is in fact very different to live somewhere versus travel through in it. It’s both a huge city but seems less hectic than the other large cities I’ve been too, NYC and DC, more in the vein of Chicago (at least what I’ve seen of Chicago). However, it remains endlessly confusing.

The people seem less rushed but not necessarily friendlier, not to say that everyone I’ve interacted with has not been exceedingly kind. The transport system while easy to use in practice makes very little sense when one is actually trying to figure out where to go. After my first day literally put me on a subway car and told me to get off when they said a stop name. It totally worked but as an outsider it was hard to understand. Especially with all the turns and crossovers, the Green line has % subsections of lines within it!

The confusing transportation is not the only reason it is hard for me to go out and explore the wonderful city I am in. For the most part I’m by myself and it’s hard to put yourself into somewhere you do not know with out a safety net of at least a friend. On Thursday I had a friend who had just finished a day working in the city and he came out to visit for a while. It was wonderful not only to have a friend but to feel comfortable walking around. It let me find out that the reason there are so many sirens at night is because I’m living ridiculously close to a fire station. It also led to me having one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a while (Prosecution and fig with goat cheese).

I loved exploring but going by myself is hard. It makes me nervous, I think justifiably because exploring implies the unknown. I’m working slowly on learning how to explore, today I found a market. It’s technically more like a convenience store and deli but there’s also a nice produce section. It was a good and useful discovery. Tomorrow my plan is to find a bookstore, I do well with bookstores and bookstore people. Though it is small exploring I am going for progress.

Fingers Crossed.


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